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It feels cool when someone clicks on the ABOUT tab because you want to find out more. So here's a little bit about me and what I do.  My name is Ho'omālamalama pronounced using short vowels "ho-oh-ma-la-ma-la-ma"  or Ho'o (ho-oh) abbreviated. After high school I took a job at a private Native American school so that I could travel during my summers. My passion is in Polynesian performing arts and I was able to tour the world eventually living in Aotearoa, NZ, for a year-ish. As it turns out I came back to America and a certain Maori followed me to Hawaii and we got married. (The in-between story from single to married is going in a juicy memoir.)  

I was one of those headstrong women who wanted a large family, health, abundance, romance and great career. (Oh' the dreams!) Marriage led to birthing eight children, raising seven, we loss a baby but gained a stronger connection. Then to trim off the baby fat I continued teaching Hula, became a Zumba® instructor & yogi. 

My occupation summary looks like this... Chiropractic Assistant (CA), Registered Nutritional Consultant (RNC), Zumba® Instructor (ZIN), Plate by Zumba® Coach, Group Fitness Certified, (former) Right-Brain Business Plan Facilitator and avid blogger. I combined my education and experiences to create WholelisticFit™, Fitness for your mind, body & soul.

"Guardian of the creative soul & believer."

Navigating the tricky waters of work/life balance is a dance between fulfilling your dreams and facing reality. WholelisticFit™ was an Aha-Moment that I had, "We need fitness for the mind & soul, while working out the body!" 

I wanted to create a program that specializes in fitness for the whole being through seasons of transition. These moments of change require a different approach and our fitness must evolve to meet the need.

"Aloha is the breath of life or HĀ in every greeting." This picture is from my honeymoon 15 years ago.

Through this site I will offer courses for the mind, fitness + supplements for the body and creative blogpost for the soul. You'll also notice a hint of Polynesian influence because I was trained in the art of Ho'oponopono (to make peace) by my grandmother, Rev. Elizabeth Kapua Mahaulu. 

Today I'm on a mission to uplift and encourage women to live a fit life while enjoying the process. Below are candid Ohana pics taken by me of Seattle's Color Run, Yoga with my Kamali'i,  Winter Moon with Nisqually Tribe, Chihuly's Museum in Seattle and a workshop I facilitated for Muckleshoot Tribe.

I've helped individuals & corporate organizations find balance the WholelisticFit way, fitness for your mind body & soul. PEACE Be the Journey [See what I'm currently doing on Instagram.]

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