5 Benefits of living holistic. [Mom Edition]

First of all let me start by saying that living holistic isn't that difficult. It's not like organize a sock drawer according to color, style and thread count.

The definition is basically observing that the whole is better then a part.  

When I work with someone, as a fitness professional, I don't just look at that hour as my only contribution. I know that their ability to succeed in weight-loss or weight-management is connected to a holistic approach. Or what I like to call

WholelisticFit: Fitness for the MIND, BODY & SOUL.

Harmony is the willingness to see things as they could be even when they are not. It is aligning yourself with knowledge and the tools for holistic living. Harmony is not a passive energy.
— Ho'omālamalama

We live in this type of jungle either physically or virtually through all our social media connections. The ability to practice holistic living is more important today then it ever was in the past. I actually wrote on another blog about the 5 general benefits of a holistic lifestyle. However, I wanted to concentrate on Moms in this particular post. [Why?] Well.. because I'm a Mom and I understand the struggles we face on a day to day basis.

Living holistic will allow you to...

  1. Maintain a self-care routine.

  2. Schedule activities that promote balance. 

  3. Realize what is not serving you & let it go.

  4. The ability to live proactive rather then reactive.

  5. Create a plan for your MIND, BODY & SOUL.

#1 The benefits of maintaining a healthy self-care routine is the ability to feel great. Regardless of your environment, your physical presences is a reflection of self-respect. Holistic living reminds us to take time for ourselves.

#2 The benefits of scheduling with balance in mind will help you say Yes to activities that support a happy home. Which will also give you the backbone to say No when the activity might open the door to stress. I'm using myself as an example and how I over-extend myself and over-volunteer. Practice saying NO to busyness and YES to "ME" time or family time. 

#3 The benefits of realization is like sunshine breaking through a cloudy day. The moment you realize that your time, money or friendship has been taken for granted is equivalent to the sun lighting up a dark corner. Negative relationships have a way of pulling us out of holistic and into hell-listic. Be careful, cautious & observant.

#4 The benefits of living proactive is peace of mind and less stress. We literally raise our stress levels and probably our blood pressure by reacting to everything. Proactive is planning for the best and worse scenario. Either way your ready to deal with life. Similar to how financial advisors tell us to save up 4-6 months of income for emergency.  

#5 The benefits of a PLAN is rewarding and extremely necessary for holistic living. Creating a plan for your MIND, BODY & SOUL will allow you to maintain a balanced life. Don't leave it up to chance or memory. Write down your regular activities like shopping or Zumba class, but also include exercises for your mind and soul. 

Holistic or as I like to call it WholelisticFit is a mindset. Being aware of your needs and meeting them on a regular basis. The world is filled with regrets, unmet needs and unfinished business but that doesn't have to be you. Start caring for your whole self and the benefits will be evident in your home. And if you need help creating a plan, take my BALANCED BEAUTY workshop. In 60-minutes I'll help you outline a WholelisticFit schedule.