Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry.jpg

What is it?

Basically it’s connecting with the divine through lines and creating shapes that transcend.

How does it connect to me?

You might recall being attracted to circles, edges of a square or the shape of a triangle. Have you ever looked into its meaning?

YES, shapes have meaning.

Think about a favorite shape and then Google its meaning, or keep reading. Human beings have been studying shapes for thousands of years. It’s a beautiful relationship between design and the divine.

It’s time to connect the Divine to the Design & Develop a stronger sense of YOU! Walk Inn Beauty
— Ho'omālamalama


Each variation of line and design draws us closer to discover its hidden meaning. Nature is full of these beautiful combinations of elevation. Which is probably why we need to spend more time outdoors. Not to mention protecting its natural habitat.


There are two shapes coming together as one, which is the circle and the square. The circle represents heaven and the square represents earth, thus unifying these two energies through an infinite connection. Learn more here.



The symbol of a triangle pointing up represents male, pointing down is female. Together it’s a diamond or the balance of Yin and Yang. It get’s even better when you have an equilateral triangle where each side is equal and supported. This is one of the strongest forms in design.


Pointing up it represents fire or male energy. Pointing down it is water and becomes female energy. You can dive deeper on this site, it was such a great read for me.



Before religions started to claim certain shapes, know that everything came from Mother Nature. We are only copying what our eyes have observed.


There’s so much on this particular shape that I’d rather send you to the source.


What’s your favorite shape?

Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also if you want to dive into our connection to nature checkout WALK INN BEAUTY.