Want more value from your nutrient?

Let me explain: Ever notice how pepper can influence your senses? One accidental whiff and 'ah-choo' you've unintentionally sneezed. That simple spice has a profound effect on our bodies faculty, as we absorb it into our system. The absorption is what DeltaZorb™ creates within the cells of your body, it allows you to take in the nutrients. With it you'll absorb 160%... that's 100% of the daily value listed on the label plus 60% of other nutrients you've consumed through your meals.

Why should this matter?

Often a supplement company will add extra milligrams, of a vitamin or mineral, because naturally our body will release some of it. Which is a nice way of saying that we'll pee or poop it out. But that's life. So imagine taking a 100 mg of vitamin-C, you'll probably release 40% down the toilet. Which leaves you with 60% to use. However, with DeltaZorb™ you'll take in 100% of the vitamin-c + 60% of the nutrients in your kale salad. (For example.) It's value in a supplement!

What is DeltaZorb™?

DeltaZorb™ is a proprietary blend and a completely natural formula found only in select Xyngular [Symmetry Global] product line. It increases the permeability of the intestinal tract, allowing more nutrients to pass into your bloodstream. Also the thermogenic "warming" effect can increase your bodies metabolic rate and nutrient absorption from both diet and any supplement you're taking.