Welcome to my page! My name is Mapuana & I'm a grandmother of 25 active little ones and my #1 goal is to be a vibrant presence in their lives. I realized that taking care of my body is important and creating a healthy lifestyle is the best way to live. Watching them perform put a desire in my heart, to be a healthy active grandma. Which led me to purchase UTK, you'll see the unboxing below. Where ever you are in your life, I hope you invest into your health.

PS: Special message to fellow baby-boomers. Life gets better as we age and don't worry if you've experienced past failures. Second and third chances are just around the corner. I'm experiencing a new outlook on life, and feel encouraged that I don't have to follow the path of sickness that was in front of me. I've made healthier choices and created a better path. You can too!


I learned a few things about myself...

  • Ohana means everything but I have to make time for my health.

  • I have a lot to teach my daughters & grand-daughters about aging.

  • I realized that I don't have to age in pain or suffer from dis-ease.

  • I enjoy Zumba® with my daughters & can plank at my age!!!

  • I like sharing, especially when something works for me.




weight loss



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Wholesale has two easy options; annual member [$14.95] or yearly distributor [$49.95]. The difference is that distributors can earn income. 

Retail allows you to purchase the kit and get started without paying for membership. It's like test driving a car and trying out the features.

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Ready for change?


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