28 Day Challenge




Quick Wraps

This is a super simple way to east healthy on a budget & plan out your meals.

  1. Learn meal planning basics.

  2. How to create a shopping list.

  3. Create variations so you don’t get bored with your food.

  4. Prepping prevents failure.

Quick Snack

Today's DIY Snack is creating your yogurt jars for snacks-on-the-go.

1. Not all Greek Yogurt are created equal.

2. Portion control and build your snacks.

3. Quality matters and read labels.

Quick Lunch

Salad with flavor!!!

1. Stir fry beef (your choice of protein) with olive oil and onions.

2. Added a Thai Green Curry paste to the stir-fry.

3. Mixed the Yogurt and Curry dressing. [In the video]

4. Build the salad.

5. Ate the salad.