Hello & welcome! My name is Patience, I'm a Mom of 7 and stage4 cancer survivor. December 18, 2015 I was in an ambulance from hemorrhaging after a molar pregnancy turned my life inside out. Long story short, I lost a few days, died and by the grace of God, was restored to fight this ugly-ness called cancer. My chemo treatments were intense, even by the nurses & doctors standards but I'm here, Praise God. I made friends with other patients, who sadly are no longer here, and nurses who keep in touch with me but have since changed departments.

Cancer affects us all, no one escapes its clutches but we have to arm ourselves with knowledge. Below is an interview I did with Dr. Mark, the creator of Genesis™by Symmetry Global, now Xyngular®.  If you're wondering, stage4 cancer was in my uterus, bladder & lungs. My hospital visits were 3x's inpatient and 4x's outpatient, with one drip lasting 12hours. When I was at home I adopted a "clean eating" menu and drank my Genesis™ plus UltraVitality™ in smoothie form.  


I learned a few things about myself...

  • It's okay to ask for help!!! But ask people who's heart is for your success.

  • I'm passionate about planning and have since created planners. Excited.

  • Sitting with a planner helped me to believe in tomorrow. Faith.

  • I like surrounding myself with happy energy and will continue to do so.

  • I want to help other's help themselves, both in health & wealth.

  • At the end of the day I am 100% responsible for my choices and results.


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