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DREAM and your mind connects to wonderment.
DO and your mind connects to possibilities.
— Ho'omālamalama

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Walk In Beauty

A book that reveals the 5 Realms of Beauty. A literary space among commas and periods where you can discover which realm you excel in and why. It's a testimony about awakening the female mind to the possibilities of her creative nature. Our connection to the circle of life from the perspective of a simple spider's web or a drop of rain.

For women who pave the way. You don't have to wait, download your book today.


It's my joy to share this labor of ALOHA. The journey continues as I explore paths of collaboration[s]. If you're interested in having me speak at your event click here. Mahalo [thank you]


Book + Journal = Lifestyle guide

What if I could show you that being female becomes more glorious when you discover the *Five Realms of Beauty. It’s an awakening.

This book can be used in three different ways:

  • First, you can use it as light reading material, to expand your thoughts. The idea is to spend a little time gleaning through each section.
  • Second, you might want to go through it like a workbook. While reading, do the suggested prompts and exercises after each chapter. *Bonus* Each chapter has a journal prompt & a suggested art project.
  • Third, an even better way, is to make it fun, and start your very own bookclub. I will include more information in the book or click on the link below.

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Additional bonuses

1. Become a Mermaid.

1. Become a Mermaid.

1. PDF’s for each chapter.

2. Get the $97 E-Class for Free

2. Get the $97 E-Class for Free

2. E-Course value $97 - FREE

3. Start a WIB Party

3. Start a WIB Party

3. Video tutorials about each.

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