Xander is your virtual support specialist! Xyngular created Xander to help you while using Ignite, UTK, or product support questions you may have during your transformation. It is currently available in English language and supports our U.S. and Canada markets. 

The initial introduction to Xander is free for your first 30 days when you purchase a Xyngular Ignite Kit or Ultimate Transformation Kit on your inception order. OR you can access Xander any time for just $5 a month.


It's like having a coach at the palm of your hands. A coach with extensive knowledge to help you get the BEST results. Why? Because it keeps your weight management goals TOP OF MIND, the app isn't distracted by your daily schedule. Things that are top of mind actually get done, and isn't it time that your health takes center stage in your life. Xander will remind you to be consistent, hydrate, move and succeed.

Why we fail.

As a fitness coach I've seen strong starts and few finishes. The only conflict is remembering to make time for their health. They start off ready to tackle their fitness journey and gradually get loss in the shuffle of life. Work always conflicts with wellness and family obligations derail their plans. But not any more. [Fitness status here.]

How you can succeed!

Through the convenience of Xander you will have the ability to hit your weight loss goals. These products are amazing; but let's face it, if you're not using them you won't achieve the results you deserve. For Xander details click here. To continue learning about the products click on the arrow to return to the previous page.

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