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It feels cool when someone clicks on the ABOUT tab because you want to find out more. So here's a little bit about me and what I do.  My name is Ho'omālamalama pronounced using short vowels "ho-oh-ma-la-ma-la-ma"  or Ho'o (ho-oh) abbreviated. After high school I took a job at a private Native American school so that I could travel during my summers. My passion is in Polynesian performing arts and I was able to tour the world eventually living in Aotearoa, NZ, for a year-ish. As it turns out I came back to America and a certain Maori followed me to Hawaii and we got married. (The in-between story from single to married is going in a juicy memoir.)  

I was one of those headstrong women who wanted a large family, health, abundance, romance and great career. (Oh' the dreams!) Marriage led to birthing eight children, raising seven, we loss a baby but gained a stronger connection. Then to trim off the baby fat I became a Zumba® instructor because I can incorporate my love of dance into an occupation. Somehow I became a chiropractic assistant, registered nutritional consultant, group fitness certified, lifestyle coach, designer and blogger

"Guardian of the creative soul & believer."

Navigating the tricky waters of work/life balance is a dance between full filling your dreams and facing reality. WholelisticFit was an Aha-Moment I had that started as inner dialog, "Fitness should include mind & soul."  I wanted to create a program that specializes in fitness for the whole being through seasons of transition. These moments of change require a different approach and our fitness must evolve.

"Aloha is the breath of life or HĀ in every greeting." This picture is from my honeymoon 15 years ago.

Today I'm on a mission to uplift and encourage women to live a fit life while enjoying the process. I have a few free challenges to reconnect to food in a healthy way and improve self-image through the Beautiful Body Challenge. Get a boost of positive self-talk with Beautiful Mind Challenge and blossom into a radiant life force from the Beautiful Soul Challenge. These challenges were created during a difficult time in my families life and we needed a way to remain positive. [That story is here.] If you choose one or all please post in the comment box below the challenge. By the way you don't have to sign-up or join anything to benefit from them. They were created out of pure Aloha. PEACE Be the Journey

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