Technically most of the world is dominated by water. Therefore Mermaid's rule!



Navigating your holistic practice through this concrete jungle with ALOHA.

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about us

WholelisticFit was originally the home for the eBook, "Walk In Beauty" then in 2017 it developed into a blog and in 2018 online courses. It features a Hawaiian viewpoint on Ohana [family], Nature and Community. In a very organic way WholelisticFit has blossomed into a lifestyle guide of living with ALOHA. It's managed by a mother & daughter[s] team.

Ho'omālamalama writes and creates content for WholelisticFit and Walk In Beauty. She's a mom of seven [7] + pet dog who often acts like the eighth child. Born and raised in Nanakuli she currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. Her complete bio lives here


Mapuana or simply Aunty, which typically becomes her title after knowing her for five minutes, is the chief authority on all things OHANA. Also as the blog, newsletter and content editor, she has the weighty position of making sure that Ho'o is grammatically correct. [Pictured with her husband, Uncle Kalani]

If there's a review to be read Patience has probably seen it. She has a habit of staying up to date with the latest app and is super helpful when researching fitness trends. Her deep appreciation for the science of our bodies has awakened a natural curiosity for body building and muscle development. This makes her the perfect research assistant & content strategist. 


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E-Course & Thank you gift...


In celebration of you becoming a Mermaid, Ho'o has created a mini e-course called BALANCED BEAUTY.

In 60 minutes she will show you how to create a FOOD, FITNESS, FUN & SELF-CARE PLAN that will benefit your body throughout the year. [It's automatically sent to you after joining the Pod.]

  1. Informative slides with Ho'o guiding you through the process. 
  2. Download and use the PDF printable along with the e-course.
  3. You can pause, rewind and replay the session at your convenience. 
  4. Invite someone to participate with you
  5. Find out which emoji best describes your food, fitness and fun mood.