A time to express your beautiful soul through creative play. I'm talking delicious food and ah-mazing company getting together to create unique works of art. The idea is to connect with friends and WALK IN BEAUTY. Turning an inspirational quote or book into art. The perk is being able to achieve it with friends and food, the perfect combination.



Plan the craft, venue & details.



Collect the supplies & treats.



Be the hostess with the most-ess.

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A few examples with friends

The Goal

Friendship is an art form of beautiful souls coming together. With that much beauty in one room, I'm sure it will spark hope, love & joy. Because when you set aside time to create in groups, miracles happen. Miracles such as laughter & inspiration.  And let's face it, we need this! Our community needs this type of energy. And what better way then to start small and simple.


Keep It Simple Sister, stress is an element that doesn't fit this type of party. Here are a few tips...

  • Collaging is easy, have them bring magazines.
  • As the host, supply them with glue, water-color paper & scissors. [Water color paper works best.]
  • Create a theme and ask them to bring treats.

Eventually your group of friends will will blossom into art enthusiast. They'll probably be looking on Pinterest to find your groups next project. When you post a picture of your creation use #wholelisticfit so I can find you.

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98ffea solid.jpg

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FRIENDS on this page who I have had the privilege of creating and collaging with over time. Which usually involves the yummiest desserts, savory dishes and heavenly drinks. I've also included their links so you can checkout their websites. Follow me on Pinterest and checkout the sip & savory boardkeep creating.