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The art of balancing personal, relationship & career goals . Holistic lifestyle.

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"When I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, due to a molar pregnancy, on December 2015 I was filled with confusion, sadness and heartbreak. I honestly didn't know what to think. I'm blessed to have a sister whose a fitness professional with a knack for heart to heart coaching. I used all of her challenges to stay positive and yes... I was in her beta test group for her WholelisticFit Mentorship program. The best part is that I am now cancer-free since April 2016 and started a blog to encourage others."  Patience [Paish] MakeMahalo.com


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I'm here to tell you that your dreams, ideas & goals are possible. You have all the tools, resources and ability to thrive. Just remember to "HĀ" or breathe. In Hawaiian HĀ is the life force that powers our universe. It is also how we create. I hope that you leave this site with three things...
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