Detox Your Soul


Our souls, [deep breath] a wonderful connection to infinite & beyond our comprehension. It often goes unnoticed because it doesn't fit the usual standards.

It isn't like the mind, capable of expressing itself. Neither is it like the body where it has a physical presences. 

What is the soul?

The difficult part, about understanding the Soul is that there isn't a way to measure it's progress or problems. We often can't tell if the soul is starving or maybe we don't know how to feed it?

In my eBook, "Walk in beauty" I wrote about the Soul and how to maintain it. To be honest that was the hardest chapter for me because its intangible. Learn more here.

The SOUL is a bridge, to place we don’t understand, but one that connects us all.
— Ho'omalamalama

Two things I would like to share before moving on. First this post is based off of my experiences. Secondly you are in control. You have the power to choose or to give your power of choice away. And to the courageous soul I say, "read on." 


If nothing in this blog resonates with you I hope this will... 


Only you can remove, change or erase the toxicity in your life. Keep in mind that healthy routines offer a type of balance that you'll find helpful. Especially during stressful moments. Always make time for self-care, self-love and above all self-respect.

If you've read this and want to learn more about the soul check out walk in beauty. It covers the 5 Realms Of Beauty and the soul is one of them.



In February I'm launching my MANA WAHINE Program, Hawaiian for strong woman. It's a type of strength connected to knowing who your are and valuing yourself. I combine holistic lifestyle + HITT + cardio + fit-foodie coaching. Eventually I will be offering the fit-foodie portion as an online program. The goal is to create thought patterns and lifestyles that are healthy not fad-ish. A community of MANA Wahine. 

Here's a simple drink that I shared on my Instagram feed. You can add a touch of stevia to this morning smoothie. As far as measurements go, I don't really measure any of it. I generally taste as I go.


If you haven't followed me on Instagram than you're missing out. There's food, nature and quotes to live by. It's positive inspiration that you can look forward to seeing. Much like the image below. It's part of my Words Of Beauty series.