Women who do


Don’t wait for permission to get your life, health and wealth in order. Get out there and be MERMAZING. Excuses and doubt happen but it shouldn't become a defining factor.

TIP 1: Allow excuses to pass through you. Notice it but never let it make decisions for you. Let it pass.

Become a “DO-ER”

This blogpost is dedicated to every woman who pushed her self-care or self-respect aside, trying to help others.

The time has come to…


Get excited, keep reading and if this helped you then share it with a few friends.

You will always be more than average because YOU, my Dear, are REMARKABLE in every shape, size and color. So hold on to your “WHY” and make your “WHAT” happen.
— Ho'omalamalama

Stop trying to heal the world. Start healing yourself and the world will take notice. Start with YOU. Because if you're like me, we've seen the headlines and feel the hurt. Our first reaction is sorrow and maybe hopelessness. Sometimes we stop moving all together because we're chained by sadness. But that's when you use your WHAT to refocus and stay in motion.


  • Create a vision board of your, “WHAT.”

    • What brings you joy?

    • What makes you laugh?

    • What do you want to see more of?

    • What positive change will you create?

    • What do you need to make that change?

  • Make time to be still & quiet to connect with your “WHY.”

    • Meditation

    • Prayer

    • Journaling

  • Be a “DO-ER” or take action on one thing today.



Energize your fit schedule with an emotional connection to wellness. Develop a deep and rooted WHY into every squat, plank and burpee.

Commit to yourself & make the extra effort.

Do what the average person wouldn't.

Stay consistent, persevere and believe in the process.



Speaking of process, I was talking to my sister, fellow ZIN, about our goals.

She used the term, "the G-d process!" Which I understand as the willingness to have faith and keep moving forward.

It’s the ability to believe that good-things are meant to happen to you. Your WHY will keep you grounded as you walk bravely on.

Wealth is abundance in the mind, body and soul.


TIP 3: Your thoughts impact your life. Guard them and find a source of daily inspiration.

I shared in TIP #2 a few “WHAT” questions that will help you create a focused vision board.

After reading this blog, and sharing the link [wink, wink] take time to answer the questions. Then look for pictures or words that resonate with your answers.

Below are some of my previous focused vision boards.


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Fall DIY Beauty Class

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