The Benefits of "Subconscious Curating."


The curious world of the subconscious mind…

Our subconscious is always working and alert. It's drawing in from our environment and making snippets of memory that we might use.

It influences so much of our daily lives yet it is rarely considered. [Why is that?]

We focus on intellect, memory and physical abilities but what about our unconscious thoughts that brings out our emotion and feelings?

What about the health and wellbeing of our… SUBCONSCIOUS?

What if you designed a space that would motivate you to get healthy, finish what you started, grab that promotion or live your best life? It's possible. You can mold some of your living space to reflect your goals. Let's begin.

It’s time to allow our surroundings to support our goals & values. Start simple. small & immediately.
— Ho'omalamalama

Step 1Pick a corner, table top, dresser, credenza or shelf in a prominent area. A place you see often or pass by regularly. Then clear, dust and polish it. Maybe burn some incense to freshen up the atmosphere. (It's healthier than a can of aerosol polluting the habitat.)


Step 2Now sit back, maybe play some inspirational music, and be still. Close your eyes, listen to your breath for three cycles of inhale and exhale. After you feel your shoulders relax hold that posture for three more slow breath cycles. Then open your eyes and write down your first thoughts. Next cross out anything negative or work related. (This might take more time but you can adjust to your needs.) What are you left with?


Step 3Look back at that pile of stuff you just removed. Do any of those items fit your thoughts from Step 2? Repurpose, remove or donate what doesn't serve your higher purpose. Commit to keeping this particular spot clutter-free and dust-free.


Step 4Your new space might not have all the elements you want. No worries. Find magazine images then cut and glue them onto an inexpensive canvas, watercolor paper or foam board. Collage the colors that inspire you along with a few design elements. Maybe a bamboo plant, figurine or a framed picture of a Tahitian shoreline.


Step 5Place the items you have on the new space. Remember the old saying, "less is more" well that statement will help you maintain good proportion. Gather things in groups of three and leave some table top showing.



(Which are purely individual and unconsciously felt.)

  1. Your eyes have something pleasant to dwell on while contemplating your daily activities.

  2. Promoting peace and a clean space can help you duplicate that effect into other areas of your life.

  3. You don't have to physically be active in this space to benefit from its sense of orderliness.

  4. It will give you something to look forward to which can boost joy and excitement.

  5. The ability to become the master of one area might help you become the master in others. After all, mastering personal space comes before positive change.



My testimony ~ I use to work my butt off exercising trying to eat healthy and raise children but my personal space was a disaster.

I couldn't maintain my workout schedule and quit. After a bunch of fails I happened to watch an old rerun called Trading Places. Basically it was the idea that changing someone's atmosphere could change their (self) perspective.

Let’s just say that curating a space of peace & goals helped me to step out of the shadows.

I started with the mantle by my fire place and got a BIG canvas with the words, "Live your dreams & be your best self." That space is dust-free and always organized. Eventually I added pieces that have positive connotations and branched into other areas of my home, teaching my Ohana (family) along the way.

🌴 PEACE Be the Journey


PS: This original blog post was written in 2016 on a site I created called MANA WAHINE FITNESS. It’s a lifestyle that I have maintained since then and have shared it’s benefits. You can read the original post here.