vision board

Vision your way into WHOLEness.


What is...


The ability to form a complete and harmonious unity. The ideal state of being unbroken or undamaged.

Sounds wonderful and ubiquitous but how does one obtain it? Well it all starts with a simple vision. And then there's a plan and finally creation.

It's funny how the simplest things in life can make or break us. For example, an apple a day over 30-days has great merit. But eating 30 apples in 1-day won't give you the same value. In fact, the later, will make you sick. 

Project what you desire and the Universe will use it as a blueprint. Vision your way.
— Ho'omālamalama

The image above contains all the elements that I use when creating a vision board. You don't have to read the entire post if you don't have the time. I created that image to act as a cheat-sheet. If you're ready, you can jump into creating yours for the coming year... or read on to see more of my examples.

Here are additional reasons to make a vision board: relationship goals, health goals, career goals, education goals, desires, needs, expanding your current vision and anything els you can think of.



This is to quiet the chatter in my head & slow down. I don't set a timer for this part because it varies. Somedays, I can become so distracted that it takes me an hour. Other days, I experience extreme clarity. [I share all of my  vision board creations on Instagram, link below.]

RED > My big-idea board



I want to be completely authentic when creating. I've come to realize that I can over-think & over-complicate my vision. Timing my project forces me to cut out the distractions because I want to complete my vision board. Besides, that's why meditating in the beginning is so important. 

BLUE > My relationship board.



I usually pick a theme in the meditation process and focus on it. Then I gather what I need during the timed process. [Usually 15 minutes] I'll use a combination of images and words to convey the goal. The receiving part is super important and you don't want to forget it. Remember to receive what you're asking for by connecting to gratitude every time you look at the board.

ORANGE > My wellness board.

The wealth comes from within. It’s the flow of abundance that comes from the mind, trickles to the heart, and is expressed in every action.
— Ho'omalamalama





5 STEPS to know if you're headed in the right direction with your vision board.

STEP 1 - Question: What do you want more of in the new year?

STEP 2 - Question: What do you want less of in the new year?

STEP 3 - Question: What are you willing to release to receive? 

STEP 4 - Action: Gather images and words that represent STEP-1.

STEP 5 - Action: Glue them onto scrapbook paper, look at it daily and say, "I am grateful and receive the blessing." Set your intentions to expect good things. It's not magic it's purpose-driven. Please share your creation by using #wholelisticfit


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