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A Culture of progress


Are you currently in a “Culture Of Progress?”

Take some time to consider the answer to this question and before I dive into the inspiration of this blogpost here’s a simple definition.

Culture: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectivity. [Google Dictionary]


I was listening to a coaching call with Dean Graziosi, co-creator Of Knowledge Business Blueprint, and he loosely mentioned about a culture of progress. As the training continued my mind continued to ponder the meaning. At the time I was driving and couldn’t take notes but my ears tuned out everything else from that point on.


At the moment I was dealing with a communication issue I was having with one of my contracts and those three words hit me, in a good way. Culture Of Progress.

Am I in a culture of progress?

Am I working with capable people who value systems?

Is this business relationship healthy and is there progress?

At the moment my answer was a big, “NO, NO and NO” then I pulled over to write down a few thoughts.



  1. Figure out your “WHY” and write it down, make it plain and visible. BLOGPOST

  2. Distinguish all the things that dilute or distract you. Decide to stop. BLOGPOST

  3. Make a list of the “Needle Movers” in your life or the tiny steps towards your big goal.

  4. Lock-in your mind to devote 80% of your time to your NM list. BLOGPOST

  5. Get into a group of likeminded individuals. Join their community and create the culture of progress.

I’m completely inspired to find, create and maintain a fellowship that supports my goals. I know this transaction will take time but it will be worth it moving forward.



Now is better than never.

You can do it.

Even if you’re in the last quarter of the season or the last day of the year. Acknowledge where you are and move forward. If you need help check out WIBMM because we’re dedicated to helping each other move the needle.

I’d love to Have You Join The Mastermind

Acknowledge where you are and move forward. Gift yourself the time to figure it out.
— Ho'omālamalama

Find your drishti, Focus


Have you ever felt distracted, rushed or unable to focus?

Do you remember starting one thing and by the end of the day it turned into six projects? All of which are unfinished.

We chalk it up as normal creative flow but is it?

Is it normal to be distracted or is is it a sign of the times?

Our ability to “focus” is a war zone and we have to use tactical steps to get the job done.

I’ve found peace through a simple yet not so simple Yoga practice called finding your Drishti.

It’s the ability to find something to focus on & direct your energy towards. In fact I’ve compiled another 5 STEP list.

Before I get into the “Five Steps To Finding Your Drishti” I have to share with you my Yoga testimony to explain my connection with this practice that I’ve come to know and love. Yes, love.


Back in 2011 an insane driver came head-on into my lane causing a horrific accident. The MRI’s revealed that my spine had the early signs of degenerative disease. I didn’t want any experimental surgery or kidney destroying drugs so I opted for Hot Yoga [Bikram Yoga] and regular supplements. [Learn more.]


Yes, you read it correctly. A second accident in January 2019 sent me to the chiropractors. This time a pizza driver ran the red and plowed into us. This second scan had me nervous and the DC sat me down.


My spine is vibrant and healthy!!! I asked him if he saw anything and he looked at me with an awkward stare, “No why, are you expecting something?” Honestly, I was in awe. My previous diagnosis DIDN’T EXIST IN MY BODY! I was ecstatic and grateful for the life changes that I’ve made.




When I stepped into the Yoga studio the instructor guided us to find our “Drishti” or a place of focus.

This was easier said than done and it took a lot of practice. I had to make a decision to focus on one object and devote my energy towards it.



Your eyes are a powerful tool which is why it’s important to focus, gaze and look at what you desire.

I struggled on holding my Asana yet I stuck with it. Believing that
I would improve over time.

In Yoga and life I have to remember to look at what I desire. I guess that’s why I appreciate vision boards.



This is such an important part. It connects your head-space with your physical-space.

Listen to your breath as you exhale and it leaves your body. What was once internal became external.

Breathing grounds us and it is the perfect anchor.



Condition your mind to enjoy the process or journey. Hopefully the small win’s will be filed under an emotional folder called things-we-enjoy.

Your Drishti unlocks the door to unlimited possibilities. The cycle is: focus, breathe, win & celebrate.


5. PRACTICE OFTEN - There are so many benefits to focusing your energy. The biggest benefit is having a TO-DO list that’s DONE and moving onto the next project.

Having a guide was a game-changer for me. I’m 100% positive that it made all the difference.

Find your Drishti and if you can’t, find a guide who will remind you of it.

Finding your Drishti elevates the soul, trains the mind and strengthens the body.
— Ho'omālamalama



If it wasn’t for my Yoga instructor I would have failed. Hearing her voice prompting us to, “Stay focused” and “Find your Drishti” made all the difference. After some time I was able to do it alone and enjoy the process.


The purpose of a guide isn’t to control but rather to direct. To help one find their focus or re-focus. Then it dawned on me, my program is THAT guide! I help Women focus on what’s important to them through an eight module online class and a livestream mastermind. I call this creation, “Walk Inn Beauty Mastermind” which consist of an online E-Course and three Livestream sessions. The E-Course is called “The Opening Ceremony” because it lays down the foundation to the mastermind. Think of it as a prerequisite to the “Walk Inn Beauty Mastermind.”



  1. WHO AM I








    Worksheets [pdf] for each module.



  • One LIVESTREAM session per month.

  • Private facebook group.

  • Instagram spotlight.

  • A “focused-session” to get stuff done!

Mermaid’s special


And “The opening ceremony”

3 for 1

[Three months for the price of one month.]

examples of the pdf’s


Mother Nature's Beauty Secret


One of my favorite things as a child was playing in the mud. My siblings and I would search for the perfect mud puddle or creek with a clay embankment. It was messy and heaven at the same time.  Forget play-dough, our clay was 100% organic without any harmful dyes.

“100% Organic”

Today I'm grown, slightly mature and a mother but I still enjoy that cool mushy feeling of wet clay. Naturally I would like to indulge in a facial mask but the prices at many of these high-end spas are interesting. After all I use to play in this stuff for free!

Beauty is a diverse force made up of birth, imagination and self-care.
— Ho'omalamalama

I actually checked out a spa and many of the items in their mask are in my kitchen. Products like honey, oats and vitamin E. (I have a supplement shelf.) All I needed was the clay to make my mud mask. Fortunately I know of an organic shop called Ubiquitous Journey that sells herbs, loose leaf teas, spices and a beauty DIY section. (Do It Yourself.)


I chose three different types of clays, each with unique mineral content and played around with various combinations. It's so easy to use that I brought some to the ladies in my Zumba class. The picture above was taken after my Facebook lifestream session where I showed them how to mix and apply  the clays.


There are countless blogs, vlogs and articles about these amazing clays. My purpose is to show you a few of the combinations that you can duplicate.

The main ingredient is the clay and you can start using it with little prep time. All you really need is purified, filtered or distilled water to mix and make your mud mask.

As you can see from the picture below my na keiki (children) wanted in on the fun too!

TIP #1 - This is a fun way to explore self care for growing preteen and teenagers.



  1. One tablespoon clay (a little can go a long way)

  2. Purified H2O (add slowly for a pasty texture)

  3. Few drops of almond oil (indulge in the nourishing feeling)

  4. Mix and use (I prefer to make it when I need it)

  5. Leave on for about 5 - 8 minutes

TIP #2 - Create a Pinterest Board with recipes to try. You can check out mine here.


In classic kiddie fashion they had to make faces to go with their mask. I'm super happy for my young teens who can benefit from the clays at an early age. Preventing that horrible teen acne problem that I remember going through. The best part is that it has ZERO chemical content and totally organic.

Mini breakdown...

  • Rhassoul Clay - suitable for daily use.

  • French Green Clay (and others) - about once a week or on targeted areas.

  • Fullers Earth Clay - about once a week.


TIP #3 - Try it!

It’s not enough to read this post, you must try it.

Pull out your trusty planner and schedule each step. I’ll help!

  1. Choose a clay.

  2. Shop at your local organic store or online.

  3. Pick a self-care day and stick to it.

  4. Create the environment, like candles and music.

  5. Do it and journal about the experience.

Want to learn more about beauty?

In 2017 I wrote an eBook that explores Beauty in a multi-dimensional way. Imagine a diamond with many sides and angles. That is Beauty… one part of many experiences.

Have you ever heard of the “5 Realms Of Beauty?”

To explain Beauty’s diversity I thought of a web with five anchoring points. Each one representing a piece of wisdom, a secret revealed through the eBook.

What is this eBook called and how will I benefit?

For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time it’s called, “Walk In Beauty, Unlock it’s secrets & uncover your potential.” The benefit is that each eBook sold come’s with an eClass and PDF sheets that you can use. It’s basically an eBook + Tutorial = Walk In Beauty.


Teaching children to cook, healthy.


If you think about it, children are natural cooks. They're always mixing and experimenting. We often see this as a disgusting habit but we can train them to use their curiosity in a good way.

I'm going to share with you five [5] easy tips that you can use right away. And I'm sure one of these will work for you. 

So what makes me an authority on this subject? Well I'm a foodie that became a registered nutritional consultant practitioner, blah blah blah... Okay, I have seven [7] children who like to eat. That's a lot of Na Keiki [children] to cook for, which is why I needed to teach them.

If you give a child a meal, you feed her for a day.
If you show a child how to cook, you feed her for awhile.
If you teach a child to plant & harvest, you feed her community.
— Ho'omalamalama

Above is a snapshot of me and my seven babies on Mother's Day. The meal you'll see below was prepared by my oldest, Wharehuia. [Maori for house of the song bird.] I have two daughter's and five sons. Life is full. I actually published Walk In Beauty because of my children.

5 Easy Tips

Step away from fast-food.

Connection happens in the kitchen and fast-food robs you of that time. You don't have to do it often but you'll want to do it regularly. Start with one day, like Friday night. Make it together and have fun.

Magic happens in the kitchen, allow your children to take part in cooking. Especially when it's their favorite dish and they get to taste the food as it's being prepared.


Make a playlist or subscribe.

I made a YouTube playlist of some fun recipes and purchased Jamie Oliver's travel & food series. I also asked them about their favorite foods and we explored a bunch of YouTubers who are also food bloggers.

The number one boost is the Master Chef Jr. competition on tv. We all enjoy that series and learn as we watch. Those children are amazing and inspire us all.


It started with Usborne.

My friend was an Usborne book consultant and I enjoyed hosting book parties. This particular brand has a wonderful kid's cookbook selection. Their books have brilliant step by step pictures that's perfect for all learning levels.

Eventually I started adding to our cookbook collection. Let's just say that it's an investment that's paying off. Purchase books that have wonderful pictures & examples.


Make the connection

The saddest thing I see is a disconnection from the growers, their food and our mouths. This all boils down to r-e-s-p-e-c-t, or should I say lack of respect. If you ask a child where their food comes from they'll usually answer, "the store, duh!" [eyes rolling]

Taking them to farmers market opens their minds and heart. You're exposing them to the value of seed-time-&-harvest. This will help them connect the money you earn & the food the farmer raised. Now that's RESPECT.


Self Empowerment to the 3rd.

Mind, body & soul... growing something that they will enjoy embodies all of these wonderful elements. It's both holistic & fulfilling to harvest then eat.

Start simple. My Na Keiki grow green onions for their noodle bowls. It's so easy to start and requires little care. Save the green onion bulbs & let it rest in some water. Roots will sprout, plant then enjoy. 

Fit Foodie


2 Pot Recipe

  1. Soak the chickpeas the night before.
  2. Boil the chickpeas, allowing a little of the soup base to remain.
  3. Chop sweet potatoes, celery & cilantro. [onions optional]
  4. [Separately] Stir fry the protein.
  5.  Add the chopped ingredients to the stir fry.
  6. Once cooked combine the stir fry to the chickpeas.
  7. Mix and season to taste. [she added a curry paste to her dish]

If you're not a part of my inner circle I hope you will join me today. Click on the link below to see what it's all about. I look forward to swimming with you in the Mermaid lagoon soon.


In 2017 I fulfilled a promise to a mentor, who passed away suddenly in freakish plane crash, and a friend, who died after overcoming a disease to only contract something else. Yet all the while I thought about my children and the next generation. What do I want them to know about BEAUTY? How can I teach them to Walk In Beauty.

My mentor charged me with a simple goal back in 1999, "Write a book." Then my friend inspired me by asking, "How do I know if HE's the right one?" [She was dating at the time.] I created the outline back in 2001 but my heart couldn't see it through. Until now.

I'm finally content with this creation, as I was able to combine a mini E-Class with the E-Book. It's part observation and memoir. To learn more click on the images below and see what I created for you.


Nature's 5 Secrets to Walk In Beauty


What can we learn from nature? After all we are the masters of this planet! However sickness is on the rise, mental illness is growing rapidly and many things are left untreated or misdiagnosed.

So what can we learn from nature?

Have you ever watched a caterpillar or millipede in wonderment? All those tiny legs moving in unity.  Perhaps you fell victim to the lull of a flowing stream and stared aimlessly. Either way nature is calling for you to observe and learn how to WALK IN BEAUTY. 

It's a fascinating past time, observing plants, clouds and animals. Here are 5 things you can learn... 

Our footprints have the ability to become a sad reminder or joyful celebration of our time here on earth.
— Ho'omalamalama

Keep in mind that these are my views and I would love to hear your observations. In fact you can always comment below. (wink, wink)


To learn more about NATURE'S ability to teach us, check out chapter 9 & 10 in my eBook, "Walk In Beauty." Click here.



Main Dish

Tomato salad, Sesame Oil, Yakima Smoked Sea Salt, Alfalfa [Kimchi in the other dish.]


Canned Salmon (made by my friend) resting on a bed of Kale. No seasoning required.


Steamed Sweet Potato with Furikake seasoning and Sesttle's Theo Chocolate. 70% cacao. 



What if you don't feel like it!


Have you ever hit snooze on the alarm [10x's] because you really don't want to do anything.

No fitness, no meal prep, no nothing! Just lay in bed and cozy up with your PJ's.

What if you don't want to go into work? Well, then you don't get paid or worse... you get fired. So what does one do? If there's money or job related responsibility involved we often push past our feelings and drudge on!

But what if you don't get paid to workout or eat healthy? Now what?! That's when you need serious MOTIVATION, and it should happen daily. [Why] Because you're building a nest of positivity.

Your “Nest Of Positivity” is a safeguard from the volatile changes of a weary world. Whose purpose is to drain you of your vibrancy.
— Ho'omalamalama


Imagine every branch, stick or twig as a positive thought or inspiration. You are building something for the future, and that's how motivation works. It's a curated collection of good-thoughts. And when the winds of persecution, hate, drama, negative thoughts and the like come to destroy you, you have nothing to fear. All they're blowing against is a nest fortified with twigs of thoughtfulness and branches of beauty.   

[Speaking of beauty I know just the place to start click here.]

There are two things you can do right now to start building that nest; Evaluate & Eliminate.


You can grab a free Habit-Tracker printable and get started right away. Don't forget to watch the tutorial.


I often treat my quinoa like rice. Growing up in Hawaii we were heavily influenced by Asian cultures. So it's not uncommon to have a rice bowl. Now I substitute rice for quinoa & I usually have kimchi with it.


Want to learn more about the FIT FOODIE PROGRAM? Comment below, let's chat.

PEACE Be the Journey

WHY & WILLPOWER, which do you need first?

5 Steps to creating a STRONG "WHY" and other helpful life-hacks.


What if I told you that willpower is nothing and your why is everything. First of all willpower is defined as self-control. Secondly, what if you don't have self-control? Yet?

Back in the day, I was trying to drink more water. I had a habit-trackers, water drinking app and an accountability partner. Yet I couldn't be consistent. 

Then one day I started doing some serious cardio, as in perfuse sweat and sloppy hair. As a result I consumed water. The motion [serious cardio] triggered the emotion [NEED water] and as a result I found my WHY

I needed the water because I created a WHY not a WILL. Does that make sense? Stay with me I'm adding more to this equation. 


My WHY turned into a WILL, becoming a habit, a natural part of my lifestyle.

The WILL came after I anchored my WHY through movement which linked to a feeling. There you go! My unofficial, official theory of WHY & WILL. [Now I can stop italicizing why & will.]

Below are five steps to developing your WHY. I've also included the original post that inspired this message here.  


5 Steps to a strong "WHY"



Movement solves a plethora of problems. First of all it helps you circulate and secondly it repositions you physically. In other words, if you sit in the problem you become stagnant. Movement allows you to gain new perspective by simply changing your physical point-of-view.



Loss of focus has so many consequences. Most of them are felt after the situation has passed. Imagine the winning lap for a runner and they turn to look back. Taking their eyes off of the focus, which was the finish line. It might have been a split second but it caused her/him to fail.

Taking a time-out from mobile devices, digital expectations like social media, can help you find your focus and reconnect to your WHY. Nature is especially great at this task. Read: Fit to listen



Your WHY will also go through seasons of change. It's important to notice how you feel because it can effect the strength of your WHY. 

Example: Around May I felt melancholy and rarely worked out. My WHY shifted, but how?  After deep reflection I remembered that May had some residual sorrow.

After realizing and releasing I changed my movement. As a result my fitness routine included a lot of outdoor adventures. It allowed me to workout, drink water and honor my feelings. 



If you tried 1-3 and sense a wall of disconnection then this will be your best option. Seek out inspiration and guidance. This can be in the form of a book, YouTube channel or podcast.

Reaching for a solution is the perfect "ask" because it adds motion to your quest of creating a strong WHY.



Most of us stop at number four but in all honesty it might take more. I purchased every book on the creative business topic and learned a lot. However once I engaged with an expert, their level of excellence gave me such a boost. 

A coach and mentor allows you to ride on the wind-of-their-wins. A good coach can outline steps but a great one will help you draw the blueprint, giving scope to your imagination. 

The only difference between willpower and why is the emotion behind it. And emotion is triggered by motion!
— Ho'omālamalama

If this post has you feeling excited and encouraged then perfect. Take some time and watch the following video I created. And make a vision board of your WHY. Fill it with all the images, words and texture that inspire you to develop your WILLPOWER. 

Also, I've been working on a project and I want you to be a part of it. I created a challenge called: 30 Day's of Perpetual Beauty. I wrote an ebook, "Walk In Beauty" and finally sat down to design a program for it. Ironically I developed a challenge and not a program. The only fee is the price of the ebook $24.99 but the gem is getting to go through this book with me. 

Walk with me through the 5 Realms of Beauty and unlock Beauty's secrets for you and generations of women you will inspire. This challenge is more of an awakening, to help you understand how to walk in perpetual beauty. 

Imagine 30 days of BE-YOU-ty. 

Imagine opening the blueprint of your life and only seeing beauty.

Imagine the power of connecting with other women who walk in beauty.   

Follow the energy and excitment.

The eBook is available for purchase and once I launch the challenge you'll be amongst the first to be notified. And [drum roll] as a "Mahalo" I'll create special printables for all of my early birds. Don't worry, I'll know who you are. [Mahalo: thank you in Hawaiian.]

I'd like to close with a comment from a Native American Elder, "You were given the gift of life, now you have to earn your living." [Below is an exerpt from another blogpost I wrote.]

In other words we don’t wake up winding a dial that’s attached to our heart. The heart has its own intelligence, that’s the gift of life. Yet how we take care of our heart is an example of us earning a living.

Your why is the emotional connection between appreciating the gift and earning it. It’s your anchor  into everything you do. This is the secret sauce to having a powerful why, the type that moves mountains. 


How to stick to your plan. PART 1

We live in a world of mass distractions. Some of them become part of a crazy cycle based on an un-finished TO-DO list.

Imagine waking up in the morning and you have a clear picture of what has to be done. Than life happens... it's the evening and you find yourself laying on the pillow wondering, "Where did the time go?" By the way, did you complete that single task? No, because something got in the way. Day after day and night after night we feel the pressure of INCOMPLETION. 

Don't worry you're not alone. We live in a push-notification era. Our unlimited data lifestyle bombards us with so many distractions. We crave success but we really need is the ability to focus.

Forget about planning for a minute and think about your ability to focus on your goals. How often do you have to stop what you're doing to help someone else? Have you ever had to put your work on-hold because of a text you received? Do you find yourself locked into FaceBook trying to respond to people?

Well you my friend are dealing with distractions. Keep reading, there's hope.


Was a landslide vote from my WholelisticFit FaceBook group. [Join Here] I asked them to suggest possible blog titles that they would like to read. I didn't answer their curiosity right away, in fact it took me awhile to break it down into its simplest form. Hmmm... why do we have problems sticking to our plans? After all is the plan faulty or are we faulty planners?

I realized that it has nothing to do with planning but everything to do with what's going on around us. Our environment is why we fail or succeed at anything. It's like Resolutions. The idea of making a Resolution isn't wrong but it often gets a bad rep. We surround a Resolution with so much unfair expectation. I personally like resolutions but I keep mine pretty simple. For instance: Read positive words. Easily done because everyone I follow on Instagram [Follow Here] comes from a positive background. I see positive post by default. Now back to you, I have a few positive things you can do called STICK TO YOUR PLAN [STYP] SECRETS to share along with a few tips that you can use when scheduling.



Learn your habits. Track what you do. 



Break down your plans into tiny task.



Learn to make adjustments as you flow.


Habits - Habits are what we do when we're not paying attention to ourselves. It's in our nature and part of our everyday choices. You don't have to think about it because it happens. For instance if I wanted to stop eating dairy I should look at the habit that I've formed around eating dairy. Perhaps I always walk down the ice cream isle, that's a habit, and grab a container as I shop. If you're failing at a particular part of your plan look at your habits. I suggest using a Habit-Tracker. It's just a way to mark your activities as they happen.    


Tiny Task - It's a psychological thing. We have to trick our minds into accepting the task and not sabotaging our efforts. For example: I plan to practice yoga at 6am three times per week but I can't seem to follow through. I did stick to my first day but the second and third session didn't happen. WHY? Because I stayed up late thinking I could manage it but when my alarm sounded I clicked the 'sleep' button for five more minutes. Realizing later that I over slept and decided to roll over and enjoy the extended nap. After all I'll get to it tomorrow... but the same scenario happens and I eventually give up the plan. *What I should have done is set up small task such as plan to attend one 6am session per week for a month then add a second next month and so on. Eventually reaching my goal, succeeding in my plan and adopting a NEW HEALTHY HABIT.


Adjust - Much like my Tiny-Task example you'll notice that there was a an adjustment to the nature and flow of my yoga schedule. The plan wasn't bad but my execution needed some tweaking. As I've said before, "Tweak not twerk." Lol. Anyway, I had to train my self into a new habit by breaking down a big task into tiny steps. By accomplishing them I'm able to build my confidence and eventually tackle other projects and plans.  


Want more ideas on how-to-STYP?

For PART 2 check your inbox. Not a member? Click on the link below. 

We save the best ideas, tips and content for our subscribers. 

PS: Our subscribers are called MERMAIDS because they're mysterious, marvelous and magical. They can do anything!


part 2 [members only]

  • Learn the process to track your habits.

  • Learn how to categorize your priorities.

  • Learn the creative way to de-clutter the mind.

8 Characteristics of BEAUTY

The secret that can...  

unlock a Women's potential in a millennial world. 

I grew up believing that Beauty was a physical feature you were born with. Than I became a young adult and was convinced Beauty was in the soul of a grateful human being. However this changed when I met someone who shared a profound insight that I reveal in my ebook.   

I pondered for twenty years [yes 20 years] thinking about this question, "How do I walk in beauty?" In the mean time I traveled the world teaching Polynesian performing arts, working in cultural and holistic careers but never forgetting those words, "Walk In Beauty." In all honesty I was compelled and inspired to write my observations into a book from 1995 to 2001 but I couldn't. 

Eventually I got married and had a few kamali'i - little ones in Hawaiian language. By a few I mean seven [yes 7 children] who were about a year to two years apart. Motherhood and my career as a holistic fitness instructor kept me busy but when my oldest daughter was about to turn thirteen I remembered a previous endeavor. To write, edit and publish, "Walk In Beauty." After all, thirteen is a huge step away from childhood and my baby/big girl would need this book.  

So in 2016, during a year of extreme hardships [I'm saving that for another day] I decided to buckle down and write. The goal was to create a manual that would unravel Beauty's Secrets while combining creativity and self expression [aka: journaling]. I published it on March 15, 2017 on my youngest son's fourth birthday. Through much prayer and a bunch of edits the 5-Realms of Beauty existed in the form of a mobile friendly ebook.  

After publishing the book I started to define characteristics that seem flow among each and every realm. I picked out eight that really stood out to me. It was kind of a checklist for "Walk In Beauty" or what I call the WIB-Checklist.

Which of these 8 characteristics do you identify with?  

  • Self-Love: the ability to care for and nurture yourself.

  • Infectious Joy: happiness comes from within you, you manufacture joy.

  • Peaceful Mindset: because your foundation is built on self-love you can weather life.

  • Patient: time is a teacher and the journey is more important than the destination.

  • Kind Nature: because kindness is the most attractive commodity in any culture.

  • Consistent: diligence and perseverance are key factors in everything you do.

  • Self-Mastery: the number one attribute and this is why you walk in beauty.

  • Harmony: maintaining a sense of community in every arena of your life.    

I'll leave you with a little bit of my daily holistic practice of art-journaling. PEACE Be the Journey.